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Labitas is an acronym derived from the latin words “Labor”(labour) and “Sanitas” (health).

Labitas is a syndicated project with partners from Ireland, Germany and Austria to establish a result-oriented qualification concept for occupational advanced training in the field of health and safety in small businesses.

The project is based on the awareness that small enterprises with lower than 10 employees are facing a disproportionate part in work accidents and are often left alone with risk assessment by various reasons.

Labitas is offering solutions to establish and to perform health and safety issues especially in small enterprises in a benefit-efficient and cost-efficient way.

The German Management Technique Institute (itb) has developed the “NOAH” qualification system (German only) for owners and employees in small enterprises which will be advanced internationally and put to the test for an EU-wide implementation.

In the framework of this project a EU-wide applicable qualification profil will be developed and supplied with ECVET points to implement the qualification into national qualification frames.

Project No.: DE/10/LLP-LdV/TOI/147358 - LEONARDO DA VINCI-Innovation Transfer Project in the EU-Program Lifelong Learning  2010-2012


This project has been funded with  support from the European Commission. This  publication reflects the views only of  the author, and the Commission cannot be held  responsible for any use which may be made of the  information contained therein.

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